Apr 27

Aquatarian Monastery

picture of water droping into a pool of water

Our mission is to give Love, Gratitude and Thank You to water. We show our love and gratitude by cleaning up trash from the Hillsborough River. We give blessings to our water and ask it’s forgiveness for the human abuse it has received. Our intention is make the Hillsborough River and the Gulf of Mexico the cleanest water possible by removing all the plastic, Styrofoam, bottles,  metal trash from the water and reporting any toxic discharges we observe.  All people are welcome to join us in our mission by volunteering or giving donations.  All volunteer hours and donations are tax deductible under our 501 c 3 non profit charitable organization. For further information email us at info@aquatarianmonastery.org or call 813-238-5576.



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