Jun 26

June 26, 2016 Aquatarian Monastery River Clean Up Ceremony

small items from the hillsborough river tampa fl usa

This week’s River Clean Up Ceremony to the Water was a reminder that
small trash from soft drink caps, medicines caps, safety devices on many products winds up in our river after every rain.  Unfiltered road rain water for hundreds of acres pours into our storm drain and on to the river.
These plastic bits are killers of our wildlife animals!

This week a huge amount of tiny plastic trash was brought up.
The small amounts of plastic is found in our wildlife’s stomachs.
It kills them.  Remember the picture of the two whales lying dead
on some beach just last week?  When they opened their stomachs it was full of  plastic – PLASTIC killed two huge whales last week.

picture of deadalbatross-midway-with stomach full of plastics


2 dead whales on beach

Do not purchase plastic anything!  Especially plastic with small amount of plastic
attached like milk cartoons and soft drink plastic caps.  These are killers!  Don’t be a part of this murder by supporting a product that has a hazardous components with a potential to kill. This simple action on your part will be appreciated by all of us suffering by our community’s thoughtless actions.

20 pounds of trash removed 6:26:16

Over 20 lbs of trash was collected from our
beautiful Hillsborough River by Aqua~Mas!!

Having a beautiful river with healthy birds and animals of all kinds
is very special gift.  Please show your Love, Gratitude and Thank You by caring for them. This way you can still enjoy the Water, but not injure or kill the wildlife of the Water.

With Love, Gratitude and Thank You to our Water.
Your Friends at the
Aquatarian Monastery


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